By now you are likely wondering why would it  EVER be your last?  Well during this extended outing we had some issues.  That’s all I am going to say – you can imagine anything you like, but it just wasn’t working out for everyone involved.   So we talked it over and decided that this might not be a good fit for all of us — and that we might then have to sell the motor home.


If I didn’t mention this before —  this motor home is owned by the ORIGINAL DREAMERS — my son and I.  We each own 50% of it.  We both used money we have saved to purchase it.  But we both understood one another and knew going in —  that this was something we were going to TRY — and knew that there could be some issues along the way.

So near the end of the second adventure we decided to put it up for sale.  It has been used since that decision was made, and truthfully if I felt confident driving it (it is a tractor trailer size) — I would have been gone “somewhere” every week while it was up for sale!

If we were able to figure out and hook it up to a good internet connection — which we have yet to master (despite our many efforts and purchases in an attempt to do this)  — hubby and I  even considered living in it and using the 14″ garage portion for our office as we traveled the country!  If I have said this once, I have said it 100 times… darn it,  I love that truck!


My son also loved the truck, despite the issues and said one day…. I wish I could just pack my bag and take off in the truck.  I really want to go on a trip and I said — don’t you dare go without me! So while it wasn’t working for all of us, we still looked back fondly on the adventures we were able to experience in it.

Now that I am away from the truck (it’s parked at my sons house) I dream about learning to drive it, so that I can take it a place or two before it sells.  I loved being in it, I loved the whole darn adventure each time — but also when I get over to my sons and look at it…. I realize that the truck is HUGE and I have many doubts at my age about being able to safely drive it.




Update:   We did put the truck up for sale – and we sold it in a couple of months.  It is now with a new corporate owner who is using it in association with a well known motorcross team across the country.  I couldn’t be happier that it found a good home — though I still am dreaming of finding another motor home more suitable for us!

And in answer to the question in the title…. we did have one more stop after this one in GA on our way back home — but that was indeed our last trip.




This is more scary post to write than an annoying one.

Everyone ages and we all have to face the retirement or not portion of our lives.  Some of us have saved – some of us have yet to start – but I’ll bet most of us are somewhere in between.

In my case, I have an IRA in which I have saved for retirement, and I will be old enough to qualify for social security in just a few years ( and …if it’s still available).

The scary part is that my husband and I have always worked and provided for ourselves – we worked for a company that we started over 30 years ago.  I still do.  This company provided everything we needed to live and raise our family.   And in the good years provided for quite a few others as well.  It will feel both strange and unusual to have money coming in to our bank account, or out of our IRA’s without working  — because taking it out, using it up – even though that was the intention when we saved it – seems contrary to everything we did up till now to prepare for this phase of our lives.

One thing I am not consciously worried about is making it on that amount of money.  Besides always trying to live “under” our means, and saving, we have for the last five to seven years cut back on everything.

But the reality is, that in the next year or so, we are going to officially, fully and completely retire from life as we have known it for so many wonderful years.

What are we going to do with ourselves?  Glad you asked.  We are right now looking into obtaining a Motor Home” to facilitate our desire to see the United States from end to end.  A bucket list item that was impossible to fulfill when you own your own business and it’s the only source of your income.

We will buy a used  motor home specifically designed to fit our needs.  We need to have a “garage” so that we can fit the gear (4 wheelers, etc.) that we want to take with us, as well as our sons family.  We will travel the US, stopping and staying for a periods of time and then moving on.  With no clock to punch, no deals to make and no familiar annoyances – I think we might even enjoy this thing called retirement while we are all still “young” enough to do it!

And maybe… I’ll blog about all the annoying things I find along the way!



One of the things we really needed to do a while back was to refinance our commercial property. 

Why?  Our current loan had a couple of years left, but the balance of the loan (because of the way the original one was set up) wasn’t taking down the balance of the loan at a fast enough rate.  And while we understand why it had to be written that way at the time – 100% benefiting the lender, there comes a time when you know you are in a better negotiating position and need to move on it.  My family is debt adverse.  We don’t like debt and getting rid of it is very important in the scheme of things.  It doesn’t mean we don’t use it — but we just don’t abuse it.

The reason we took the original loan was because at the time, it was the best (as new investors) we could do, based on what the marketplace was offering, what was needed on the property in question to make it function, and our financial situation.  We were putting 35% down, and it was in a prime location – otherwise we might not have even been considered.

When we approached this refinancing task – the reason was two-fold.  For one, our debt on the property was not going down as fast as we wanted, and we saw that the advantage to the bank was way more than it needed to be.   Second, we had a 10 year commitment on that loan and no matter what – would have to do something in the next few years.  So we took the initiative, and started shopping for a new loan.

There were so many variables to make this deal happen – more than I expected.  I really tried to get to the bottom of those variables with our bank, but it just wasn’t happening.   Suffice it to say, there are secrets that only the select few officers of the bank know and understand. The commercial loan people are not always forthcoming with the “details” and when you think you are ready to sign, some “issue” arises that seems always to be in their favor and is going to cost you extra money. Why does it have to be this way? Why not outline the “obvious” issues upfront and in full before the process gets started…. and why drag your feet on a modification of a loan you already hold?

We started with our current lender — of course.  But we also made sure we went out and got some offers from others – because now the property is both viable, operating, turning a profit and more valuable.  We needed to negotiate the best rate but we now had time, payment history and higher property values on our side of the equation.


Which brings me to the variables part again – can you do 5% 12 years? No 5% 8 years and then an adjustment. We can do 4.5% 6 years and then an adjustment. We can do 5.5% 12 years, or 4% 10 years. Before you are done, you are swimming in numbers and variables.   All of these numbers and variables do affect what you will pay a month, how much you will pay in interest, and how long you will have to pay it for (and in some instances, what will be due as a balloon at the end of the term).

We thought we were all set with the 5% for 12 years, after the first meeting with the bank and were given the impression all was fine but they needed to get a new appraisal.  I understand it might be a government regulated necessity, but they did it with an non certified appraiser and his value came in 400K lower than the tax assessment for the land.  We still had a stellar loan to value ratio (even with the low ball assessment) – but we know the appraisal wasn’t done by someone who knew the values of the properties like ours. We have – several times – been offered much more than the appraised value of our property. It’s a money maker, it’s remodeled and it’s in a desirable and amazing location.

We had options. We could have went to another bank, or lender – we could have written a check against the equity loan we have on our home,  we could have  mortgaged our house and used that money,  or we can just simply write a check to make the loan value lower — but none of that was in the plan for this property.

In the end, we had to get actual offers from other institutions, and basically do some hard negotiations with our current lender.  The business that runs from the property generates an enormous cash flow thru their bank each month.  If we move lenders, we will move the cash flow, and remove some of the other monies that we have in their institution.  These factors, often times are a  part of the larger dollar loan agreements.  This bank above any other, had our history of about 7 years of operation and payments to rely on.  They didn’t want to let us “move on”… and we got what we consider to be a great deal.

This process took at least 6 full months to complete.  But, we were able to modify our old loan to be a 5% fixed rate, 12 year loan which at the end of 12 years will pay off this commercial property in full.  Included in that agreement, was the fact that we use them for our banking and will not remove our deposits from their bank.  That’s do-able! 




If you’ve gotten here without reading the first article, you might want to start there — if you’ve come by way of google, etc. looking for tips on winning the lottery or other games of chance – you are in the wrong place.  This article is about upping your odds with regards to entering sweepstakes.

So… on that note:

Chose Wisely – My first choice would be sweepstakes that are run by reputable companies, whose names you know or are at least familiar.   The reason I add this point is because sometimes smaller entities run their sweepstakes by their own (sometimes inconsistent) rules.  And…often times just to get and make a mailing list.  I was familiar with a company in the late 1980’s, or early 1990’s  (before I was entering any sweepstakes at all) who kept extending their entry date and in the end didn’t really use a random generation for the winner.   This is always possible (though I would think rare).  But without that third party involvement (hiring someone to handle the details) it might be hard to remove the temptation to award the prize to someone they know, or to make up a winners name and never award the prize at all.

And as a sub-point to choosing wisely – chose to enter only those sweepstakes you really would like to win.  It could be the grand prize you have your eye on, or even if available, one of the smaller prizes — but there is no sense in wasting time entering for something you don’t really want.  Remember you will have to pay taxes on any and all wins here in the US. 

Enter Often – Once you have chosen the sweepstakes that you want to enter, enter as many times as they allow.  Maybe it’s only once, maybe daily, weekly or monthly – but make sure you get as many entries in as you can.  This will increase your odds of being chosen as one of the winners.

Many people have told me that they prefer the one entry sweepstakes, saying everyone has an even chance.  True – but when you can enter every day, and if you do, your odds of winning go up considerably.

Avoid the Over Advertised Sweepstakes – This isn’t to say you can’t win them, someone will win, but the likelihood of it being you is astronomical.  I think about a man a few years back with one of the larger sweepstakes (The HGTV’s  Dream home giveaway) where he said he entered once and won.  That’s the exception, not the rule.  If you watched this program you would have seen that they had at least 10-20 bins approximately 4 ft X 4 ft X 4 ft (yes a 4 ft cube) full of envelopes of entries (estimated to be about 900,000), as well as 38 million online entries.  To have entered only once and won is a spectacular feat — and congratulations to him, but what about those other approx. 39 million entries that didn’t. 

And… Enter Sweepstakes with Multiple Prizes – simply put, the more times they have a chance to draw YOUR name, the better chance you have to win something.

I have won at least one trip each year since 2001, except for one…. and in that year my biggest prize was a laptop computer (not too shabby by the way!).  So far this year’s trip is already in the record books.  It was to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and we had an amazingly good time, thanks to the wonderful sponsors!

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Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this article, and all opinions contained herein are my own.


Today I was reminded when Mary at Sweepingme posted an article I had written about Sweepstakes Rules — that I really haven’t written much on this site about sweepstakes, lotteries, games of chance or other ways to win fun things on this blog.


If there is one rule that I like with regard to Winning… it’s enter, enter, enter, enter!!!


This week are you getting in your last minute entry for the $5000 a week for life from Publishers Clearing House? 

Entry for that online is free… and your entry will have an equal chance to win as all the others, even if you don’t agree to buy or take any of their offers.   So don’t fool yourself, no matter “how you read” it, they cannot give you any less of a chance (under the law) at winning if you decline all offers. 

But then too… you might have just a good a chance at willing one of the multimillion jackpots offered by the Mega Million or PowerBalls lotteries.  That would make you pretty much set for life …. right?

Most of the contests and sweepstakes you will enter like the ones mentioned above have odds that are astronomical, and during each run when, for example, the Mega Millions is up at say 300 million, people will quote the odds of this or that to give you a reality check….saying things like you’d  have more of a chance in getting hit by lightening than actually winning.

And while I do not reqularly “buy” tickets for any of the different lotteries  — I will admit, I do occasionally succumb to the lure and the dream.  And truthfully because the odd are so much against you actually winning — it really is just a dream.  

If you really want a chance to win there are a few things you can do to narrow your odds:

1) Enter sweepstakes that are limited in scope in some way.  Only good in few states, only good for certain age groups, and only good for a short period of time.  These are sometimes called local sweepstakes — and while it seems unlikely that your name might be pulled from that cardboard drop box at the courtesy desk in your local supermarket, car dealership, etc. you have a better change of winning that, then any nationally run sweepstakes.

But beware: Just as easily you could be entering to be harassed by phone calls from people trying to sell you time shares or other annoying things.  Make sure you actually pay attention to what you are entering, and if you are also signing up for something  — because as nice as it would be to win, it is not worth the time, and trouble if they only really offered a prize to get your name and address!

2) Enter sweepstakes that require a little extra work than just filling out a form. Maybe they want you to make a tweet, follow them on twitter, or facebook, maybe they want you to pin an item or post a picture of something, write a small essay, or play a game.  Many people will skip these because of the time it takes them to enter, so the odds usually wind up better to win.

But beware:  This never ever means paying any amount of money, and never ever means giving out more than simply your contact information. 

3) Enter unconventional sweepstakes, the ones that require something “other than” filling out a form to enter — like radio sweepstakes.  The ones where you are the ninth caller, or have to answer a specific trivia question to win.  Because I don’t listen to the radio or really even know where my cell phone is at any one point in time — I don’t enter these — but I have been told they have great odds and many people I know have won fun things from CD’s to trips.  

But beware:  A lot of times you might not be able to read the rules on these to know if you qualify or could accept the prize before you are caught up in the moment and dialing the number given … and you may have to go to the radio station to actually get your prize or you may have to take the trip in two weeks – so be prepared for the need to potentially do that or decline the prize.


You can visit and read my article on why you should read the Sweepstakes Rules here:  SWEEPINGME.COM

You can check out some sweepstakes I post, as well as winners lists (right hand column) here: YESUWON.COM

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this article, and all opinions contained herein are my own.


Kiss the Cook Event

Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8


I am excited to be able to offer the opportunity to my readers to enter this giveaway. For one thing, cooking is close to my heart. I L-O-V-E to cook. I also love for people to eat what I cook and to enjoy it. There is no better way to insure success than to have the right tools for the job, measure accurately and to cook for the right amount of time to capture the absolute best flavors. This giveaway will help you get a good start on that fabulous meal you know you want to make!

Prize Package Includes:
Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II 10 piece Set

Create super-nutritious and innovative meals that are never boring with the help of Rachael Ray cookware. Create Rachael’s Vegetable Cacciatore by browning vegetables in the saute pan while the accompanying whole wheat penne bubbles away in the stockpot. Or try adding a little spice to a simple lunchtime meal with a chipotle grilled cheese sandwich browned to perfection in one of the skillets.

Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized cookware is the perfect combination of durability and style, and this 10-piece set certainly fits the bill. This set has all the essential pieces to make memorable meals every day. Hard-anodized construction provides even heat, helping to reduce “hot spots” that can burn food, and it’s coated with a durable nonstick both inside and out for exceptional food release and easy clean up. The tempered glass lids allow you to monitor your food while it cooks, keeping heat and moisture sealed in. Grippy handles feature striking orange padding for a comfortable feel. This cookware is oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe for convenient, fast and simple cleanup.

Set includes
1-Quart and 2-Quart Covered Saucepans
6-Quart Covered Stockpot
3-Quart Covered Saute
8.5-Inch and 10-Inch Skillets

Rachael Ray Bakeware Set – Orange (5 Pc)

This Rachael Ray 5-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set is perfect for sweet and savory dishes alike. With five versatile pieces, this set has what you need for baking everything from fresh cookies to decadent cakes and breads, but Rach uses this set for so much more. The cookie sheet is perfect for roasting vegetables or oven fries; the rectangular cake pan is the perfect size and shape for a cheesy lasagna; the loaf pan is the essential pan for homestyle meatloaf; and the round cake pans fit the bill for quiches or a zesty chicken tortilla casserole.

Rachael Ray bakeware is made from durable carbon steel that can bake over and over again with the same great results. The grippy handles provide a firm grasp when pulling items from a hot oven. The sturdy construction also resists warping so cakes and pies come out perfectly round every time. This bakeware is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for convenience and a portion of the proceeds from this purchase goes to Yum-o!, Rachael’s nonprofit organization that helps kids and their parents develop healthy relationships with food and cooking.

Set includes
10-Inch x 15-Inch cookie sheet
9-Inch x 13-Inch cake pan
9-Inch x 5-Inch loaf pan
Two 9-Inch round cake pans

Rachael Ray Nylon Tool Set – Orange (6 Pc)

These slender spoons are lightweight and easy to hold. Fill your kitchen drawer with these must have tools. The flat head on this ladle mean no more pan-tilting so you get every last drop, just glide and remove. This classic whisk stands alone with it’s wide base and easy to grip handle. It gets the job done and keeps your counter clean. The long flexible heads on these Spatulas can flip everything from delicate eggs to juicy steaks. The open design lets grease fall back into the pan instead of landing on your plate.

Thank you to each reader who is taking the time to visit, read and entering to win this fabulous prize package. Do take a moment to also visit our lovely co-hosts whom without them great things such as these would not be possible: Making Memories With Your Kids, TOTS-Business Resources for Bloggers and Business Moms, Monica’s Rants Raves Reviews, My Vegan Gluten-Free Life, Ultimate Coupon Club, Capri’s Coupons, Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, The Mandatory Mooch, Quick Tattletails and Cloth Diaper Addicts.

One lucky reader will receive a Rachael Ray Cookware Prize Package!

Giveaway ends June 24th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canada residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

Winner was Entry #126587  Rick P.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those which are your own. It’s Annoying is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!


What do you do …. just for fun?


I’ll bet many of you answer – that although you find some fun in every day… you don’t always go looking for it.  That’s the way it happens with me.  And in a way that’s sad.  Life as we age, goes by faster and faster – leaving less time for any the fun we tried to save for later.   I know I tried to do everything for everyone in my younger years knowing that some day I would have time to just sit and relax, and have that proverbial (although elusive) time for smelling the roses.  And I am still planning on doing some of that!

Most of the things I enjoy, I do alone.  I love to cook, bake (and eat), read, enter sweepstakes and pretend that I am an extreme couponer – but all these things are not really team sports.  For me these are fun — but these would not be considered fun for everyone.  In fact, I know a few people who would actually call cooking an “extreme” chore. 

I don’t think I ever tried to built fun into my daily day – thinking way too long and way too hard about what needed to be done, and then by default taking care of all of it.  I am not bitter – I feel very “accomplished” — even if no one else in my family had a clue how all that “stuff” was getting done for them.  In fact we still have magic towels  — they get used, and thrown on the floor and then magically re-appear all clean and folded and ready to be used again in the closet!   My life bears witness to that because we (as a family) are where we need to be, at this point in our lives, and although I might have quashed the fun out of it…. we are there nonetheless. 

 My personal issue now is that since I never allowed myself any fun in the past — always making sure every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed – that I find it really hard torelax and let “fun” happen.  When some bit of fun creeps in, I try and  let it happen, but then  I am pretty quick to call it “over” and get back to normal.  Why is that?  I think it’s habit.  And I think that the longer you go without it, the less time you want to spend on it…. fun that is!

So if you have any tips on how to “let fun happen” let me know.  I am looking to put some fun into every day … if I can.



Recently my husband and I got to go to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a long weekend.  We left on Friday morning and returned on Monday night. 

This is not something we normally do – run away for a weekend that is…. but we just left all our cares and worries behind and did it.  We only told those who needed to know, and sorry to those of you who wondered where we were!  The main reason we did it —  was that I won this trip from – and we were so ready to get away from the cold!

View from our Window

View from our Window

First I want to say, if you don’t think people win these things — you are wrong!  They really do.  I am proof of that.  This isn’t the first time I have won a trip either — so if you do nothing else, go over to and enter to win one of their remaining giveaways.  They are giving away a prize each week for 50 weeks, and there are still lots of them to win!

This win was a surprise ~ they always are ~  and it was one in which required that we leave fairly quickly.  That was because it was centered around a performance called “Jazz in the Garden” which was happening on Saturday and Sunday night of this trip in Fort Lauderdale.

Not only did we get free passes to both nights of the performances, but we also got so much more!  We got our airfare, rental car, hotel, $50 a day for meals, and a VIP card to mention a few of the other goodies. 

We loved and used those VIP cards to visit the Bonnet House, take the Water Taxi everywhere, and to visit the Museum of Art, the Butterfly House and more.  Exploring Fort Lauderdale for a weekend was really both relaxing and fun!

So thank you – you really made this one of the best trips I have ever been on.

Pictures from the Butterfly House, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2013)

Pictures from the Butterfly House, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2013)

 **Disclosure – I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was under no obligation to write this piece.


Do you have a 10 year plan?  Where do you want to be in 10 years?  Have you made any type of plan for where you want to be in the future, and how you intend to get there? or do you just let it happen?


Variables all around me in our economy and world has caused my new plan to be stalled.   Why? Because my personality doesn’t really like to make a decision (about the plan) without knowing all the variables.  I like to be able to see the path from beginning to end, and then carefully chart my course.  Checking off the milestones and making decisions along the way according to the plan is just the way I usually like to roll. 

I haven’t ever written down my plan on paper.  But I really did have a list of things I wanted to accomplish in life from when I was a child and although they were vague …. I wanted to marry, have children, have a house of my own, save a million dollars … you get the idea. Later this list became revised, to include living debt free, having a business, saving for the boys college education, and being a grandmother. 

Planning and thinking about these things helps build a framework to a goal. It gives you a direction and a reason to forgo some of life’s instant pleasures for the joy of making the goal happen.  So many people could benefit from doing this.  It isn’t easy by any means, but it gives you something to work for and towards — and it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Just think of the things that “could be” easier to deal with, if you planned ahead.  Things like the type of education you wanted, your education costs, how much your first house might cost,  where you might like to settle down, or what you goal/dream job would be? 

Years ago, you could put together a workable plan pretty easily.  You saved a certain amount, you received actual interest that made it look like you were gaining on your goal, and you were “on your way”.   You bought a house, and knew “down the line” you could sell it for more than you paid for it ~basically a fairly secure investment in your future~ as well as it being your home.  You worked hard for an employer who had a retirement plan so that you’d have that safety net and today …. nothing is guaranteed.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing was guaranteed before either, but it was assumed to be so, and usually was — so that the plan had a secure footing to build upon.

Part of it,  I know is my personality – like it or not I do try and choose my path, and plan the way to the goal without considering if, or what “could be” if I changed that path along the way.   I do consider the variables before I start, but once en route I really don’t think about them much.  Most of the time, and through most of my life, my paths have not been hindered by large obstacles or horrific circumstances.

Today the variables seem to be all around me outnumbering the choices. All are vying for my attention – chose this way, chose that way…. oh no, don’t do that, do this instead.  Because of where the economy is, where it might be in a few years, and my age,  the variables seem to be overpowering any long term decision making.  So until I can work to “clear a reasonable path” for our next 10 years, I think I’ll put the plan on hold.

Do you “plan” and if you do, how are you getting around your obstacles to make it happen?



For the first time since I was able to vote, I stayed up till 2 AM and watched the election results and the speeches.  And while I had not been involved in the actual political process in this election, I felt invested in the outcome. 

I came from a family who was divided (one parent republican and one democratic).  Each had their own ideas and was outspoken in expressing them.  My mother was a councilwoman.  They always talked  in terms of what “so and so” would do for the people of this country, each candidate having pluses and minuses.  I think in the end, they likely voted right along the party line because back then I think each party had some really good ideas and unique ways of handling things they had planned for their city, state, county, or country. 

This time, I feel that America voted their hearts.  I know I did.  Just this week someone came to my office and was joking with me about voting for Barack Obama —  I wasn’t joking when I said I would be voting for him.  They were seriously appalled, and of course a discussion ensued. I said Mr. Obama is “an evil I know, as opposed to one I don’t”  and meant that I knew where Mr. Obama stood on many issues and didn’t really know where Mr. Romney stood at all.  I told them my vote goes to whom I think will be the best person for the job, not because I am a member of either party.   I said I didn’t trust Mr. Romney because I never saw him clearly outline any plan for this country, just rhetoric about changing, eliminating, and fixing.  That “secrecy” did not sit well with me.  And while I am all for changing, eliminating and fixing — I would have liked him to outline how he planned to do that.  Instead it was more a campaign of persuasion ~  “I’ll fix it, just trust me.”  Lots of people bought that and did decide to cast their vote for him, but I don’t work that way.  You can tell me an investment is good, but I want to see the proof, the trend, the outcome over the last years, and I want to know why you think it’s going to continue on that path. 

In the end, I will always vote for whom I feel is right for this country, whether they be democrat or republican, old or young, white, green or even purple.  I think the republican party let the American people down with their choice of Mr. Romney as the candidate – I think it’s about time they reassess what AMERICA wants, not what they want for America.  It’s the health of this country and the people who call it home that I want them to have as the basis of their agenda.  I sincerely feel that if  Barack Obama didn’t think he could be a good fit for the job, and couldn’t continue to try and fix issues facing America,  he wouldn’t have ran for a second term. 

Congratulations Mr. President – I have high hopes and expectations that you will be able to steer this ship we call America onto a better and more prosperous path in your next four years.

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